Features & Frameworks

Whether it's building recommendations, predictive analytics or custom scoring, Nodal is about serving clients with urban data needs. Everything from fitness monitoring devices/apps and real estate to smarter cities and self driving cars.

Built for Developers

Robust, clean APIs that let you focus on building great products.

Predictive Analytics

Our advanced analytic models use elements of machine learning and computer vision to provide deeper and richer analytics.
We analyze over forty different environmental attributes that cover a variety of categories
and then synthesize our results into informative quantitative scores and detailed qualitative descriptions.

Easy to Use Machine Learning

We make using state-of-the-art machine learning algorithms easy.
Just drag and drop your data. For app developers just embed our SDK with a few lines of code. Nodal handles the rest.
You upload your data in a matter of seconds and we deliver comprehensive insights in a matter of seconds.

Bulletproof Security

Keeping your customers' data safe is our first priority.
We value privacy and are committed to data confidentiality.